Here are my projects.

Object Cloud Recognization

cloud recognization

My role: Leader

There are two versions Object-Cloud-Recognization, One is based on BOW + Pose Estimation method. Another is based on CNN + IVPQ + Pose Estimation method.

Technologies: BOW, CNN, PQ+IVPQ, Pose Estimation

Spring Cloud Meeting


My role: Memeber

Alibaba spring cloud committee, I am an inital member

Integrated Business Management System(IBMS)


My role: Leader

IBMS is a platform which help enterprise to let system on-line fast, reduce the gap between product designer, developer and tester .

Technologies: emf,freemake,java

3D Rendering Engine in Android Platform


My role: Leader

3D rendering engine is a library which show cad model smoothly in android platform, the average fps is about 60 .

Technologies: Opengl ES, NDK,C++

ECAD Viewer


My role: Leader

ECAD Viewer is a tool which show ecad model(ODB++) smoothly, can swtich and mix different layers .

Technologies: awt,java

Testing Data Management(TDM)


My role: Architect

TDM is a platform which used to collect, manage, analysis testing data.

Technologies: emf,java,c++,QT

GIS Platform


My role: Member

This GIS platform is used to manage the municiple data such as road, parkland, tree, pipeline etc.

Technologies: .net, java, openlayer, geoserver



My role: Leader

3D-Pipeline is a tool , which is used to render the undergroud pipeline in three dimension.

Technologies: java,jws

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